Nevermore Labs is a collection of software, security, and robotic innovation laboratories based out of San Bernardino, California. We were founded in 2018 by Timothy D Meadows II. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions, that meet non-traditional intellectual property needs for our customers.

Our labs can provide security, and, compliance auditing to meet PCI, and, HIPPA standards. We can also provide on-site wireless, network, database, and, software penetration, injection, and, cracking audits to meet any needed requirements.

Our labs can also provide services for secure usage of Internet of Things devices. Mesh networking, and, various automated robotic platforms designed with Arduino, Raspberry PI, ODroid, Intel, and Nivida.

Beyond digital security, and, robotics. We also host labs specialized in Cloud Hosting solutions for Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2, and other virtual machine based hosting platforms such as Digital Ocean, or, on-site solutions such as LXC, OpenStack, Hyper-V, and, VMWare ESXi.

We currently only accept work by recommendation. This may change in the future.